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Have a soft and healthy hair just by adding moisture

Posted on in Blog by Juan Cadima

Having a healthy hair means taking care of it a little bit more than usual.

What happens to your hair when you exercise?

Posted on in Blog by Juan Cadima

We know how much you love exercising, but have you ever

thought of what exercising does to your hair?

How can I style my hair?

Posted on in Blog by Rolda

First, we need to define what does styling means.

Styling your hair is when you use a comb, brush or fingers to put your hair into a style

Protect your hair from the sun

Posted on in Blog by Rolda

Did you know that too much sun exposure has severe consequences on your hair as well?

Tips for a thicker hair look

Posted on in Blog by Rolda

Losing your hair? Here are some quick, inexpensive and easy ways to thicken your hair.

Grooming tricks to make the perfect first impression

Posted on in Blog by Rolda

Whether you are going on a date or a job interview, first impressions are very important. Check out some style hacks that you can use to cause a positive first meeting.

How to reduce Frizz in a cold weather

Posted on in Blog by Rolda

If you have a frizz problem, we know how difficult it is to control it in a cold weather. 

Top 5 New Year Hairstyle for men with Rolda attitude

Posted on in Blog by Rolda

New Year, new life, new hairstyle.

It’s a great time to mix it up a bit and start 2017 with a different hairstyle.

If you are a man with a Rolda attitude, here are the top 5 we recommend. 

Men, when should you cut your hair?

Posted on in Blog by Rolda

For most men, getting a haircut alert is when they look in the mirror and see how long their hair has grown and not remembering their last trip to their barbershop.

How to Avoid Dandruff

Posted on in Blog by Rolda

Having visible dandruff is one of the most common hair problems for men. When your scalp gets irritated, you are accumulating dead skin cells in your hair and shoulders that's why we want you to learn how you can avoid this and take a better care of your hair with these tips.

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