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About Us

About Rolda USA

The ROLDA professional line of products are manufactured at our own industrial site Digi Cosmetics Colombia, S.A in Bogota, Colombia. From the beginning and due the steady relationship between the quality standards and the product price, the ROLDA professional line of products has experienced robust growth in American Continent Styling aids and hair care markets with entire leading presence in Colombia, Venezuela and solid growing incidence in Ecuador, Peru, Panama other Central American Countries and the United States of America.

Rolda is currently recognized as a leader on styling aids and hair care markets and its products have been utilized and recommended by recognized professional stylists in prestigious Beauty Salons and Barber Shops throughout the world.

Rolda enjoys a good reputation for supporting its distributors to successfully grow their businesses, while maintaining close win-win relationships with all business allies - and as a result, its global annual net sales well exceed 25 million dollars.

Currently, Rolda is poised to considerably expand its business interest throughout the United States of America and the Caribbean, utilizing its unique locations in Hialeah, Florida, its extensive experience, and its state-of-the-art logistics to meet the needs of its clients in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Additionally, Rolda´s short term industry plans include manufacturing the ROLDA product line within the United States.

Our Vision

  • To become the leading GROUP in the manufacturing, direct import and marketing of professional and mass market styling aids and hair care products with improved quality standards at affordable prices.
  • To satisfy the needs of end consumers in order to gain a leadership position on the US market where we actively compete by dynamically facilitating our distributors to successfully grow their businesses.
  • To enhance our image as a GROUP of entrepreneurial companies where human resource is our reason of being, maintain excellent relationships with our suppliers and distributors, and make them winners by satisfying their needs through the management of a positively oriented approach to the continuous changes of the present business environment.

Our Mission

To achieve the purposes and goals of the GROUP´s vision through constant improvements in our processes, products and services, actively promoting the satisfaction of our end consumers and business partner as well as the steady welfare of our human resources.

To preserve our promise to end consumer that every ROLDA product will have high quality according to what they expect.

To constantly improve our knowledge in what we do, with focal point in product innovation to deliver the ultimate performance in each of the products we manufacture.

To provide superior value to our business allies continuously finding new ways to strength lead time reduction.